Intel and PPC Argument Evaluation

May 23, 2006

In Cocoa, take the following class:

@implementation Callee
- (int)returnOne
    NSLog(@"In returnOne");
    return 1;

- (int)returnTwo
    NSLog(@"In returnTwo");
    return 2;

- (int)sumOfA:(int)a andB:(int)b
    return a+b;

Ok, so a pretty boring class. If I were to do the following:

Callee *call = [[Callee alloc] init];
NSLog(@"Callee sum: %d", [call sumOfA:[call returnOne]
                               andB:[call returnTwo]]);

What would you expect the output to be? I was shocked to find that the answer differs depends on which architecture you’re on.

Intel: In returnTwo In returnOne Callee sum: 3

PPC: In returnOne In returnTwo Callee sum: 3

Why is this? This behavior causes a crash in Gawker 0.7.0 on Intel… it’s already fixed but I’m curious to know what causes the argument functions to get called in a different order? Anyone? Anyone? I’m guessing it has to do with endianness / optimizer / Obj-C not guaranteeing execution order.