Mushi Futari BL God Mode 1.2 Billion!

I’ve had a goal of breaking a billion points on Mushihimesama Futari Black Label God Mode for a while now, and with a little effort I was able to get a score of 1,212,620,114!

My run started really strong, I almost had a billion points at the end of stage 2. Stage 3 was a big mess but I was able to push to a new personal best. If I get some more time to play I should be able to crank that number up, so my next goal is 1.5 billion.

Ibara PB = 8.4m

I’ve been getting back into Ibara and streaming on Twitch a little bit. I was able to improve my personal best to 8,442,540! Closer to that letter score (which is 10 million for those not familiar with Yagawa scoring)!

100+ Mile Week!

This week, I biked 111.2 miles.

For a while, I was thinking about what it would take to pull off a 100 mile week. Turned out the biggest thing I needed to do was to just do it.

I racked up 37 miles during the week communiting which put me on an ok pace. My Saturday morning ride got moved to Sunday, and my wife had to work all day Saturday and use our car. With a long ride scheduled on Sunday and me sitting around on Saturday with no car, I slowly figured out that if I went for a decent ride on Saturday and did the ride on Sunday I’d break 100 miles that week.

So, I went and did a solo 35 mile ride on Saturday. Easy route of Burke Gilman trail to the Sammamish River trail, easy in the sense of flat. Then Sunday I did the scheduled ride which was the 38 mile loop I talked about in my last post. That loop is tough, but those hills were considerably easier than the last time we did them.

I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself. 100 miles in a week felt like this elusive thing that would take me a long time to work up to, but I was able to just go do it. The rest of Sunday I was pretty worthless, but that’s ok, I earned it!